Death Deliver is a small game made for the Game game jam 2022 in only 2 days. In this action packed game, you play as a young Grimm reaper that works at a postal company. Due to the underworld’s new protocol “Death is only the beginning” you need to deliver a care package for the new soul! Use your trusty box to platform your way to the house where you will deliver your package!


WASD or ARROW keys to move around and jump. To place the box press the SPACE key and then B to move the box after placing it. (This is a slightly updated version of the original that was used for the game jam!)

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Updated 19 days ago
AuthorRanger Peeps
Tags2D, Open Source, Undertale


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good game

Its very easy to understand the controls my sister played with me and she loved it i'm going to try spreading the word to my friends. <3

Wow thank you so much!

You're welcome!

Very good. I liked the mechanic of using the box to platform, but I didn't realize that was what I had to do at first. I was just jumping around wondering what I was supposed to do until I figured out what "press space/press b" was. It got better when I did figure it out. I also liked the intro in the beginning, it was really neat! Nice work

Thanks. I wasn’t sure how obvious it was or not. I am happy that someone actually played it. I am going to update the description to include controls.

That'll help, thanks!